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    We are Tiling And Stone Experts

    ABC Tiling And Stone was established in Perth in 1998 by Bes Caskovic. Bes has 40 years of experience in wall and floor tiling all around the world and has established himself as a premium and respected tiling service in the WA market. ABC Tiling currently operates with 15 full-time staff which can be up to 40 or more during busy periods. Projects range from retirement villages, 3 to 13 storey apartment complexes and office buildings, universities, single and double-storey homes, custom luxury homes, and now bathroom renovations.
    We have the expertise and tools for any large commercial or small residential jobs.
    A professional team with combined 80 years industry experience.
    We offer competitive quotes across all our services.
    We stand by all our work and guarantee top quality finishes across all our services.
    All our work is done in a timely manner and delivered as promised.
    Our on going support on your project ensures you are in the know from start to finish.

    Residential and Commercial Tiling in Perth by Our Experienced Professionals

    Today, we are one of the most well-known providers of tiling services in Perth. Thanks to our highly skilled and knowledgeable tilers, we have been offering some outstanding residential and commercial wall and floor tiling for the last 22 years. Indeed, we have been one of the most renowned tiling contractors in Perth, coming up with some astounding domestic and commercial wall and floor tiling solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.
    Why are our tillers different?
    Since the start of our business journey, ABC Tiling and Stone have always been offering cost-effective and comprehensive tiling solutions for a wide range of commercial and domestic tiling applications with the help of some of the most talented tiling specialists in Perth. These include but are not limited to residential and commercial tiling, stone tiling and sealing, silliconing and caulking, floor tiling, bathroom tiling and renovations, swimming pool tiling, stairway tile installation, waterproofing services and a wide range of other services.

    So you see, when you hire us, we serve as a one-stop solution at a reasonable rate and that makes all the difference!

    Additionally, we pride ourselves to state that we have the best local tilers in Perth, who with the latest tools and technologies, and some immense knowledge and expertise will come up with the best solution that will not only suffice your needs, support your aesthetic preferences, but will also be long-lasting, thereby justifying your investment in us.

    The Outstanding Features of our Service

    The highlights of our tiling service in Perth have always been…
    • An accurate and reasonable job quoting – based on the market price
    • On-time and on-budget service
    • Transparency with no hidden cost
    • Flexible service that never interferes with your daily chores
    • An entirely customised approach that will seamlessly address your needs and preferences
    Indeed, when you CONTACT US, our experts will get to know your needs & preferences and your budget, so that we come up with a solution that will suit you financially and aesthetically, and then come up with a quote so that you know what exactly we are offering and why! This makes us a trusted tiling company in Perth who you can put money on, without any skepticism. Get in touch with us NOW and see how we can help you change the look and feel of your property!