4 Drastic Mistakes You Should Never Make When Laying Floor Tiles

Floor tiling is an incredible home improvement option that offers a whole new stylish transformation and boosts the curb appeal of a property. However, laying floor tiles has never been a DIY job as it requires professional skills, experience and hands-on expertise. Homeowners who consider themselves to be specialists and take the plunge of floor tiling alone, end up making some drastic blunders which we are going to discuss in this post.

  • Underestimating Surface Prepping

Like most other home improvement projects, good surface prepping is key to flawless and durable tile installation. Whether you are refurbishing outdated floors or walls with tiles, inferior surface prepping can prevent you from getting the desired result and leave you with an unsatisfactory tiling work. When laying floor tiles, it’s important to make the surface clean and level. Sufficient time should be allotted to fill up cracks, dents or bumps and you need to also remove any protruding features for a seamless and hassle-free tile installation in Perth. However, people who neglect these aspects and take the plunge of DIY tiling out of sheer excitement compromise on the structural integrity of their property and opt for new tile replacements sooner than expected.

  • Using Low-Quality Adhesives

Most people have a common misconception that any adhesive can work during floor tiling services in Perth but this is surely not the case. Using inferior quality adhesives during tile installation can be a rookie mistake and impact the longevity and structural integrity of the tiled surfaces. This means you need to get the right adhesive to avoid paying hefty dollars on rectifications. So how will you know which tile glue will be the right fit for you? Well, it depends upon the surface you are planning to install tiles and the type of material you are choosing. If you are confused to decide the suitable tile glue to use, it’s better to consult with professional floor tilers in Perth, instead of risking it alone.

  • Ordering Tiles in Exact Quantities

When it comes to laying floor tiles, most homeowners consider ordering tiles in exact quantities and not having sufficient backups in the event of cracks, breakage or any other mishap that may crop up along the way. Running short of tiles during installation can cost you more time in searching for matching colors and designs and make the task even more laborious. One of the main blunders comes down to inaccurate tile measurements and in order to overcome this, you need to ascertain the measurement by hiring local floor tilers in Perth and place an approx ordering quantity for highest benefit.

  • Underestimating Use of Battens & Markers

In the event of performing DIY tile installation, markers and battens are a must to get exact straight lines. Even if you consider yourself to be a tiling professional, it would be less likely to get walls and floors perfectly straight unless you rely upon professional tiling services. Most homeowners rely upon skirting boards to maintain the straight lines but this could mean ending up with wonky and less professional results. Thus, you should never underestimate using battens and ensure they are perfectly lined up horizontally and vertically to get flawless floor tiling done.

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