5 Mistakes That Waterproofing Specialists Always Avoid

Waterproofing has to be done if you encounter leaks in your bathroom or basement. For this, however, you will need to assign experienced contractors. But have you ever thought about the mistakes that the contractors avoid while carrying out waterproofing? If not, this is the right discussion for you because we will be discussing mistakes that professionals carrying out waterproofing in Perth avoid. So, if you go through the points, you will get the idea about these and can discuss them with the contractors before hiring them.

  • Developing an Improper Waterproofing Plan

If the bathroom, basement or any other area is leaking, the waterproofing specialist in Perth will first need to detect the leaks before he can start the actual process and not doing so can leave the leak as it is. 

For the first couple of days, you might notice no leaks at all. But since it was not properly fixed, water will start to seep through the tiles again. So, detection of leaks is something that specialists take very seriously.

  • Not Draining the Basement Properly

The professionals never drain the flooded basement or the affected area fast because that can lead to excessive damage to the walls. 

Since the walls have an external pressure, they can hold the water up to a certain amount of time. But if they are drained too fast, it creates excessive pressure. For this reason, the waterproofing contractors in Perth WA always determine the amount of water accumulated and then drain them using the necessary equipment before starting the actual procedure.

  • Not Drying Out the Basement Before Waterproofing

Before applying the waterproofing, the professionals will make sure that they are drying out the basement. Otherwise, they will not be able to achieve the desired results. For this, however, they will be using dehumidifiers and fans as they help to dry out all the areas quickly and conveniently. With these, they will use other modern proprietary tools as well that help in draining out the floodwater quickly.

  • Repairing the Leaks with The Wrong Material

The specialists carrying out residential and commercial waterproofing in Perth will avoid another dreaded mistake and that is using the wrong materials for draining out the water as well as waterproofing. 

After assessing the leaks, they will patiently remove the water and repair the cracks and holes. Besides, they will avoid the usage of waterproof paint as they provide bad results. However, if the exterior drainage is in a good condition, they will be using the paint.

  • Not Assessing the Basement Drainage System

The contractors carrying out waterproofing will assess the default drainage system before carrying out the procedure. That way, they can perfect the process and make the entire system more precise. But ignoring the basement drainage system will be a mistake because applying waterproofing only on the surface level will have little or no effect if there is leakage on the inner system.

So, these are the five mistakes that professional tilers in Perth avoid for making your basement and floor waterproof.

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