A Few Causes of Tile Floor Cracks and How They Can Be Prevented

If you are in Perth and experiencing cracks in the tiles, rest assured that there are various reasons behind them. Today, we will take a look at the reasons why these cracks form and how professional tilers prevent the same. Thus, if you are planning to install tiles on your property and make sure that they do not crack, this discussion can be quite helpful. 

  • Subfloor Preparation Not Done Properly

If the foundation has not been done properly, the tiles can crack. Since subfloors act as the base for tiles, they need to be firm. So, the floor tilers in Perth prepare the subfloors with attention to detail. Also, if the subfloors are not prepared properly, dirt and debris can cover the surface which can leave the tiles looking unimpressive. 

  • Settlement of Concrete

Since concrete is porous, it can easily absorb water. This leads to the expansion and contraction of the tiles. In fact, temperature changes also contribute to this problem and lead to cracks. So, when preparing the concrete base, the tilers make sure that there is enough concrete that can make the tiles adhere to the same. The tilers do this job attentively to prevent cracks.

  • Installation of Control Joints

Control joints are premade cracks that are poured by the tiling specialists in Perth on the concrete. These joints prevent the growth of potential fractures on the surfaces. This is done on the entire foundation. But if the control joint is not applied, cracks will appear on the surface and they might grow over time to become concrete fissures.

  • The Concrete Was Not Fully Prepared

The curing of concrete is necessary for crack-free tiling. It will dry and the moisture will evaporate, leading to a shrinkage of the concrete. So, the tiles will need to be installed at the right time by professionals. Otherwise, there will be cracks.

  • Expansion Joints that Aren’t Properly Sized

The expansion joints installed by the professionals in the tiling services in Perth need to move. Since tiles are rigid, they will have to move with the underlying concrete. Else, the expansion of the joints will lead to fractures on the tiles. So, to prevent this problem from happening, the tilers always place properly sized joints.

They first take the necessary measurements and then install these joints to prevent the tiles from getting cracks.

  • Growth of Mould

Mould can lead to cracked tiles since it emanates from the moisture inside the grout. but if the mould growth continues under the tiles, the latter can lift and will develop cracks on the surface. So, to prevent this type of situation, the Perth tilers recommend that you clean the grout frequently. But if you cannot, you should connect with tilers and let them clean the grout and the spaces in between to inhibit mould growth.

So, these are a few reasons why tile floors can develop cracks and these are a few ways they can be prevented.

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