In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how floor tilers choose the best tiles. On this page, we discuss some of the latest floor tile designs that these professionals are suggesting. Floor tiles have undergone a sea change in terms of getup and style. Innovative floor tiles are being introduced, and the floor tilers in Perth would like their customers to try these new and innovative floor tiles to add a new look and feel to their homes. On this page, let us discuss these tiles and the aesthetic properties that they have. 

Blonde Wood-like Tiles

People are of late, vouching for the blonde, wood-like tiles that are the new sensation in the world of floor tiling. These tiles are an excellent choice for households that are looking forward to receiving the warmth of natural wood along with that customary light appearance, but at an affordable rate. These blonde tiles would make the rooms look and feel larger than they are, and more spacious, even more so if larger planks are used. These tiles are extremely hardy and durable and can be easily maintained. When flawlessly installed by the best floor tilers in Perth, they look excellent, making the rooms look more welcoming, expensive, and contemporary. 

These tiles are available in three trendy versions, each of which comes with unique characters and styles.

Warm-Toned TIles 

This is another great choice of floor tile that incorporates a cosy, warm wooden feel in your home. The honey wood variety of tile, which is a shade darker than the blonde wood-like tiles, adds a classic trend to the floor, which adds to the aesthetic value of the rooms. 

Professionals offering floor tiling in Perth would suggest these tiles for the relatively smaller rooms, as these tiles are light enough to offer the customary ‘perks’ of the blonde appearance. However, what really matters is the cosiness that they come up with. These tiles are second to none when it comes to making the interior spaces more open and prominent. 

The Neutral Tiles 

Neutral is the new ‘in-thing’ when it comes to tilling. In fact, contemporary tiles that come in a neutral tone are expected to complement practically every interior design style. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are in search of a neat, minimalist appearance or you vouch for a bright, chic appearance. These neutral tiles would offer a warm as well as homely appearance and will allow the illusion of more space. This is one good reason why the professional tilers in Perth would suggest you go for these tiles to add value, look, and feel to your bathroom.

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