Quality Balcony Tiling Services with 7 Years Warranty

Is your balcony leaking or suffering from any form of water damage?

If so, then they are clear signs of more problems which could pose a greater safety risk to people extensively using it. Fortunately, with strategic tiling, you can easily prevent this issue from worsening and endangering the lives of your loved ones. It can improve the structural integrity of your balcony and even help boost its value.


To help you meet your needs for such immaculate balcony flooring operations,ABC Tiling and Stone offers you an experienced team of tilers ready to help you with some impeccable balcony tiling in Perth. Along with top-quality balcony tiling services, they will even include equally effective waterproofing solutions which will serve as a membrane to prevent water from seeping inside and causing unwanted leakages and structural deterioration.

Our professional tilers will take great care of your balcony area by appropriately installing the water-resistant tiles and even create a path for the water to flow to the drainage without accumulating. Thus, our balcony waterproofing in Perth will ensure the completed work not only appears good but continues to remain good for a long span of time.

Need Help Selecting The Right Tiles For Your Balcony?
Being in this industry for 4 decades, our diligent tilers share advice and guidance to help you pick the right tile for your balcony area. Ideally you want to avoid going with polished tiles-surfaces. They can get very slippery when wet and pose a risk to those accessing the balcony often.
  • Instead, you should opt for tiles which are textured and come with matt finishes. Both of them come with good slip-resistant features thus making it a safe choice for your balcony flooring.
  • Also, aim for tiles with impressive durability to withstand the outside elements like harsh UV rays and day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Vinyl tile, Terracotta tiles, matt finished Porcelain tiles, Icon Grey Outdoor Slab Tiles and even Rustic Outdoor Slab Tiles work great for balcony flooring.

As a leading balcony tiling contractor and waterproofing expert in Perth, ABC Tiling and Stone will even help you sort the right size of the tile best suited for your balcony flooring. So, discuss your project with our tiling installation specialists whenever you’re ready.

Contact us today or request for a FREE no-obligatory tiling advice and service quote for your new balcony or re-tiling project.

Our services are insured and come with 7 years of service warranty.