Stylish, Modern & Complete Custom Designed Bathroom Renovations in Perth

Your bathroom is the first room you enter when you wake up and it is the last room you visit before going to bed. Simply put, it is one area of your house where you (and your family) visits frequently several times a day.

So it makes sense to remodel your bathroom space and create an inviting sanctuary, where you can de-stress and unwind after a tiring day. However, with time and moisture damage, your relaxing haven starts showing signs of peeling paint, cracked tiles, water stains on walls and a drab appearance altogether. And witnessing all this, you start to feel that your bathroom space may not be able to serve its true purpose in your daily life. And for that you need to consult a reputed bathroom renovator and tiling contractor in Perth.


ABC Tiling and Stone along with our team of reliable experts in complete bathroom renovations in Perth begs to differ!

For years we have been transforming existing bathrooms (both small and large) into stylish, inviting and highly functional spaces that suit the needs and lifestyle of its owners by offering some cutting edge bathroom renovation and tiling services in Perth.

Our team of renovation local bathroom tilers in Perth working together with our registered builder will assist you right from the stage of planning the layout, material selection and sourcing to the process of design implementation and customised installation. We will work closely with you to understand your remodelling expectations and choice of products you wish to include. And keeping all your key considerations in mind, we will professionally complete the work within your estimated budget and deadline.

Our Complete Bathroom Renovations Entails the Following –
  • Plumbing
  • Toilet Installation
  • Tile floor replacement
  • Vanity or mirror installation.
  • Shower fixture and new faucet installation
  • Design implementation and material installation
  • Bathtub installation
  • New sink / tapware installation
  • New shower door installation
  • Cement board or drywall installation
  • Adding new lights over the vanity mirror and performing all other electrical and plumbing work
  • Professional paint touch-ups
Our complete customised bathroom renovations in Perth also include adding luxurious ensuites, laundry room overhauls, modern double vanities and many more aspects.
Ready to Update Your Existing Bathroom Space …?

ABC Tiling and Stone is here to transform your bathroom into the one you deserve. We offer our bathroom renovation services in Perth as per the industry standards and our work will guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

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