How Can Different Tile Shapes Affect the Appearance of a Room?

To make your indoors look outstanding, you will need to choose the right type of tile for the floor. But since there are various tile shapes, you might get confused. So, to help you make the right decision, we will be discussing the various tile shapes and how they can affect a room’s aesthetic appeal. 

We will particularly be looking at the most common tile shapes to help you choose the right one for the floor of your Perth property. However, if you still cannot choose one, you should consult with specialists carrying out tiling.

  • Square Tiles 

This is by far the most common type of tile that is being used for giving floors a new look. These tiles come in various sizes too and depending on the area that you want to cover, you will need to choose one. 

Since these tiles are rather simple but are available in several designs, the floor tilers in Perth recommend that you use them for dining rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. 

If you want to install these tiles in a large room and want to make it look spacious, you should choose large square tiles and vice versa.

  • Rectangular Tiles

There is not much difference between square and rectangular tiles. However, the advantage of using the latter for the floor is that you can make even a small space look bigger. Besides, similar to the square tiles, they are available in various colours and textures.

  • Hexagon and Octagon Shaped Tiles

If you want to make your interior decoration stand out from the rest, you can use these tiles. Indeed, due to their unusual shapes, companies providing floor tiling services in Perth are suggesting these products. However, note that they might not suit all areas and hence before you invest in them, you should consult with the professionals carrying out tiling installations.

  • Basket Weaves

This is another unusually shaped tile that can make the floor of your property look enticing. 

Since these tiles are generally small to imitate a woven pattern on the floor, they can suit well in small rooms, especially bathrooms. But due to a somewhat cluttered appearance, you should avoid these tiles for large rooms.

  • Crossed Tiles

Another type of tile that has now become very popular is crossed tiles. They indeed make rooms unique when they are being used on floors and also on walls. It’s actually the unique shape that adds elegance to rooms and enhances their aesthetic appeal. For this reason, many tiling companies in Perth are recommending the installation of these tiles in bathrooms and also in bedrooms, if you have a small one. However, due to their uncommon shape, maintenance of these tiles can be difficult.

  • Arabesque Tiles 

This is another offbeat tile shape that you can use in your kitchen. The shape of these tiles forms a rhythmic pattern on the floor which enhances the appeal of the indoors.

So, now that you have explored so many tiles, it will be easier for you to choose the right one for the floor of your property.

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