The preparation of tiles is important when it comes to waterproofing. Without it, achieving water resistance is nearly impossible. However, if you are wondering how contractors prepare these surfaces before applying waterproofing, this is the post that you will need to read. Here, we have discussed the methods used by contractors for waterproofing. Also, going through this post will help you discuss important points with your local tilers, especially if you are in Perth.

And now, let us focus on the main topic, that is, how professionals make tiles ready for waterproofing.

Surface Cleaning

The first step that tilers take to establish waterproofing in Perth is surface cleaning. They remove dirt, dust, grime and grease from the tiles and the adjoining areas using vacuum cleaners, brushed cloth and sponge. After cleaning the tiles, the tilers let them dry before they can move to the next step which is damage inspection.

Damage Inspection

This is the second step where contractors inspect the tiles for possible cracks and damage. After inspecting the same, they will repair them and will even replace them if necessary before they can apply the waterproofing membrane. To fill in the small gaps or cracks in tiles, the tilers will fill them with a suitable filler.

Removal of Existing Waterproofing

Now, the tilers in Perth will remove the existing waterproofing from the tiles so that they can apply the new one. For this, they will use a chemical stripper or scraper. However, before doing the same, they will ensure that the surface is clean and free of residue before they can proceed to the next step.

Application of a Primer:

After removing the existing waterproofing membrane, contractors will apply primer so that the waterproofing material can adhere to the surface. They will also apply a suitable primer and let it dry before they can move to the next step.

Waterproofing Membrane Application

Now, the waterproofing contractors in Perth will apply the necessary membrane that comprises sheet and liquid membranes. However, depending on the tiles, they can use cementitious membranes as well. 

Typically, the professionals will assess the tiles so that they can apply the right membranes. Also, they will cover the tiles comprehensively to avoid seepage of water.

Application of a Second Coat of Waterproofing

Tiling contractors might apply a second membrane to make surfaces even more resilient to water damage. However, they will first assess the tiles before they can make the right decision regarding the application of a second coat. Also, they will do the needful only after the right inspection.

Edge Sealing

Now that waterproofing has been completed, the tiling contractors in Perth will seal the edges to prevent water from seeping through. For this, they will use a suitable sealant. They will also use the correct techniques to make the corners and joints waterproof, thus making the tiles more water-resistant.

All professional tilers follow these steps to achieve the best results. However, to explore whether they follow these exact steps, you should ask this question before they can begin work.

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