How To Effectively Suppress Mould Formation on Your Floor Tiles?

Not only does mould formation on the tiles look unappealing, but it can also be damaging to the floor and even your entire property. But you can avoid their formation and extend the lifespan of the tiles. For that, you will need to follow certain steps, and here, we will discuss them in detail. However, if you are in Perth and would like to know more about protecting your floor tiles from these types of growth, you will need to consult with a specialist nearby.

  • Setting Up Good Ventilation Is Extremely Important

Mould growth accelerates if the room is hot and humid. Basically, mould is a type of fungal growth that occurs on the surfaces of different objects. And the factor that contributes to its rapid growth is none other than moisture. However, as suggested by the best floor tilers in Perth, if you ventilate your room and let air and sunlight in, it will help keep the tiles dry. That way, you can suppress or prevent the growth effectively.

  • Mop Your Floor Clean

If you have water left on the tiles, mould growth will be faster due to the moisture. So, you should use a mop to remove the water. Additionally, you can use exhaust fans to make the tiles dry. These two are easy solutions for preventing mould growth in your property.

  • Use Mould Suppressants   

By using special chemical or eco-friendly solutions, you can suppress the growth of mould on the tiles.

There are various solutions available but using an agent that is specific to your tile will help avoid damages and extend the lifespan of the same. If, however, you are not sure about the agent that will work best, contact a company that offers floor tiling services in Perth.

  • Grout Sealing

By sealing the tile grouts with silicone sealers, you can effectively prevent the formation of mould. These sealers will make the grout water-resistant. So, since water is unable to penetrate into the crevices, there will be little or no chances of mould growing from them.

  • Keep Cellulose Materials Away from the Tiles

Bath rugs, curtains and a few other materials that include cellulose can accelerate mould growth. So, it is a good thing to keep them away. On the contrary, you can use alternatives that are devoid of these materials. To get a full list of them, you can get in touch with Perth floor tilers near you.

  • Install Water-Resistant Tiles 

If you are planning to install new tiles on your property, make sure to put your money on the ones that are water-resistant.

At present, most of the companies are making these tiles. So, if you are choosing them, put your stakes in tiles that are durable and can fend-off water thus reducing the chances of mould growth.

By following these steps you can inhibit fungal growths on tiles and can increase their lifespan without investing too much time or money.

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