How to Maintain the Tiles after Installing Them in Your Property?

Installing tiles in your commercial or residential property in Perth is indeed a good idea. But if you cannot maintain them, they will lose appeal and can even get damaged. Then, you will need to call the professionals again to install new tiles. Surely, this will lead to more spending and to avoid that you need to follow some simple maintenance tips.

Today, we will be discussing a few of these tips and hope that they will help you to increase the lifespan of the installed tiles on your property.

Remove the Dirt and Debris with a Vacuum Cleaner

The local floor tilers in Perth always recommend that you use a vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt and debris from the surface of the tiles. That way, the tiles will never lose appeal and the dirt will not adhere to the tiles because if they do, removing them later can prove to be difficult.

Keep the Tiles Free of Stains  

Stains are something that you cannot avoid. But if you notice stains and quickly remove them, you can maintain the beauty of the tiles. 

Removing the stains from the tile surface is easy. You will just need to use the right cleaning solution, and if you are quick enough, only a normal detergent solution is enough to remove them.

Using the Right Floor Mop is Necessary

If you keep the tiles clean, not only will they look appealing but they will last long as well since grease and dirt can get into the grout and can lead to the formation of mould. So, to avoid this, the professionals providing residential floor tiling services in Perth recommend that you clean the tiles often and use the right mop.

For this, you can use a rag as it does not let the dirty water get into the dirt lines. Besides, try to avoid sponge mops as they do just what we just mentioned.

Remove the Soap Residue

After cleaning the tiles, you will need to remove the soap residue because they can create spots that will make your tiles dull eventually. To remove them, however, you can use homemade solutions like lemon juice since they are acidic and are effective against all types of spots.

Use a Carpet 

If you are in a commercial area that faces large traffic, it’s better to use a carpet since it will protect your floor better. The professionals providing commercial tiling service in Perth recommend that carpets can absorb chemicals or other substances that might be harmful to the tiles. However, it’s best to place them only in the areas that receive heavy traffic.

Remove Water from the Tile Surfaces

If you have tiles installed in your bathroom and kitchen, they will face a substantial amount of water every day. This can be harmful to the tiles in the long run because water can seep through the tiles and damage your floor. Moreover, the moisture can lead to the dampening of the tiles and can eventually lead to mould growth or even cracks.

So, to remove the water from your kitchen or bathroom, you can use a broom and make sure you sweep the water off the floor after using the area.

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