Importance of Waterproofing Under Tiles – The Point That Is Often Overlooked

People tend to opt for separate companies when it comes to waterproofing and tiling. But that is frankly speaking, a wrong idea. You need to hire a company that offers waterproofing and tiling under the same roof. The reason being, when you tile a surface, you need to make it waterproof as well to ensure that the tiles remain at their structural best for long. But unfortunately, people tend to forget the issue of waterproofing under the tiles and that’s when the blunders are made. That is the reason, you need to hire a waterproofing specialist in Perth that is also home to the best tillers. Let us discuss the issue at length. 

Using tiles will take the aesthetic value of the surface to an altogether new height. However, tiles are porous and there are changes that the tile will attract moisture from the atmosphere and pass them to the base. If not waterproofed, the base will disintegrate and this will cause the tiles to fall off. 

That is why waterproofing of tiles is important and that is the reason, you don’t just need tilers in Perth. You need quality specialists offering waterproofing in Perth as well, besides tiling 

What makes waterproofing before tiling so important? 

As already mentioned tiles always run the risk of deterioration due to natural elements, due to their high porosity, despite being aesthetically rich. That is the reason, even though you apply tiles to enrich the appearance, not waterproofing them will be a blunder. It has been seen that people do not bother about waterproofing after some fresh tiling from the Perth tilers, out of the conception that tiles will resist any corrosion or deterioration by the virtue of their quality. Most of these people would leave the waterproofing to be done later on. This turns out to be the root cause of the blunder. Impatience and a hurry to do away with the tiling is perhaps the reason behind this. 

Therefore, the ideal approach will be to waterproof the surface to be tiled. It does not take that long to waterproof, provided an experienced company, offering waterproofing services in Perth is opted for.  Not only will it safeguard the tiles, but will also act as a cost controller, simply because otherwise, rectification of a deteriorating surface will lead to a series of expenses subsequently. 

Gauging the climate is essential

Before applying the waterproofing coating beneath the tiles, it is imperative to study the local climate. Here is where the intervention of the local waterproofing contractors in Perth will make all the difference. Being locals, they will have a comprehensive idea about what Perth climate has to offer throughout. Thus, they will be able to gauge the extent of protection that is needed to be given. These professionals would gauge the amount of yearly rainfall and other common weather issues like the amount of sunlight and UV lights and the fluctuation of humidity level before taking the suitable waterproofing measures. 

Thus, if you are in and around Perth, you must opt for a name that does tiling as well as waterproofing. What better name can you think of than ABC Tiling and Stone? Call us now for an appointment or write to us for a free quote.