Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks

Your kitchen needs a character! You have so many avenues to lend that character to your kitchen. Installing trendy splashbacks in your kitchen can go a long way in lending that character. They will add that desired spark that you are looking for. Indeed, professionally installed kitchen splashbacks will make all the aesthetic difference, making your kitchen look out of this world, making your kitchen look entirely different – sleeker, trendier, and aesthetically richer. More importantly, these splashbacks will protect the walls from spills, grimes, grease, and stains, but will also add a visually appealing look and feel that will make all the difference!

This is where ABC Tiling and Stone will make a difference! We started our endeavor in 1998 and ever since we have been completing a wide range of kitchen splashback installation in Perth and its adjoining areas that are made up of:

  • Tiles
  • Mosaic
  • LED
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Paint
  • Timber
  • Zeolite
Why Choose us?

Although there are so many companies that come up with kitchen splashback installation, we at ABC Tiling and Stone stand tall as a kitchen tiling contractor in Perth , simply because we are the brainchild of a person who has 40 years of experience. This makes us professional enough to come up with services that are entirely customer-centric, good enough to meet the bespoke functional and aesthetic needs of our valued clients. We are home to some of the most experienced and prolific experts who will come up with some picture-perfect kitchen tiling services in Perththat will justify your investment in us to the fullest!

Some of the highlights of our service:

  • A highly experienced team of 15 full time local kitchen tillers in Perth, which can be extended up to 40 if needed
  • Fully equipped with the latest tools, technology, and knowledge
  • We offer competitive quotes that make our service highly affordable with no hidden cost
  • We are a family-owned business and hence we can easily put ourselves in your shoes to come in terms with your needs
  • We offer a guarantee along with 7 years warranty

For further details about our Kitchen Renovations in Perth and a free quote, CONTACT US now!!