We Specialise In a Wide Range of Main Floor Tiling Repairs/Replacements & Maintenances in Perth

At ABC Tiling and Stone we present you top-quality main floor tiling including repairs, damage tile replacements and maintenances across both commercial and residential sectors regardless of the size of your project.

Having over decades of industry experience, we deliver a vast range of floor tiling services for your new home build or vivid renovation requirements- be it for the bathroom, laundry, kitchen floor, living area, alfresco, porch, balcony, and more.

With that, our tiling specialists in Perth also help you perform customised flooring requirements for your living room, bedroom, hallway, stairs along with performing any repairs, replacements, levelling floors, installing tile underlay, re-grouting, re-sealing tasks, at reasonable rates.

ABC Tiling and Stone – Your One-Stop-Solution to All Main Floor Tiling Services

It is no secret that tiles are a favourable choice for durable and great looking floors. They are also perfect for tackling high-traffic areas which are more prone to regular moisture, humidity, dirt and subsequent wear and tear. Plus, some tiles properly when paired with radiant-heated floors can also help treat cold feet issues.

However, as the owner of the house, you need to ensure your beautiful main floors stay beautiful for years. And to achieve that you need to make sure its necessary repairs, replacements and maintenances are performed to perfection!

  • Our tiling specialists can help keep your main floor tiles in good shape. During the installation, they will adequately prepare the sub-floor to prevent any water damage and keep it sturdy and attractive for years.
  • Regardless of whether it’s a tile backer base or a cement board surface, our experts possess all the necessary installation materials and equipment to deliver quality services.
  • Even when dealing with heavy flooring tiles like for example – Slate; they perform appropriate floor reinforcements to ensure immaculate tile installation.
  • Once the tile installation is done and the mortar has settled, our experts diligently fill in the grout lines and give it a week to cure properly. And then they aptly apply the grout sealant to inhibit any further staining or damage.
  • We even repair or replace old tiles which are broken, chipped or have gotten badly stained with matching tiles and grout lines which seamlessly blend with the rest of the floor.
Our Experts Can Handle These Following Main Floor Installations

Porcelain Tile Flooring, Ceramic Tile Flooring, Marble Tile Flooring, Granite Floor Tiling, Natural Stone, Mosaic, Terracotta, Limestone, Sandstone and large scale porcelain tiles known as Laminam or any other variety best matching your existing house floors and your estimated budget.

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