Modern Tiling Trends to Make Your Indoors Look Alluring

Tiles are always the best option when it comes to renovating homes or specific areas of your home such as the kitchen or the bathroom and here, we will discuss a few contemporary trends in tiling that you can watch out for if you are in Perth.

Another advantage of going for tiles when it comes to renovations is that you can transform a space without spending too much since tiles are always the most affordable option. Additionally, laying tiles is also easy and hence, the renovation process is not much time-taking.

  • Patterned Tiles

At present, the local floor and wall tilers in Perth are suggesting patterned tiles should you wish to renovate your bathroom or the kitchen. The main reason behind this is that it makes the floor look simplistic, yet different. Besides, a lot of patterned tiles are now available in the market and you can easily choose the one that matches your interiors.

So, if you want to make your floor look modern and stand out from the rest, patterned tile is a clever choice. 

  • Designed Tiles

The difference between patterned and designed tiles is that the surface of the former has patterns all over whereas on the latter, the designs can be abstract and they may not fully cover the surface of the tile thus giving them a unique look.

You can invest in this style if you want to make the floor of your bathroom; kitchen or other indoor areas look elegant. 

  • Small Sized Tiles

Nowadays, the professionals providing floor tiling services in Perth suggest small sized tiles if you have a smaller sized bathroom or kitchen as this makes the area look spacious. Another advantage of using these tiles for renovating the interior areas of your building is that it gives a subway type look that will most certainly catch the attention of your guests.

  • Classic Shaded Tiles

If you like minimalism, none can beat the classic shaded tiles. 

Apart from the floor, these tiles can also be used in wall renovations to make your indoor look attractive. Also, these tiles are affordable and easily available. All you have to do is choose the shade that matches your interior. But if you don’t know which classic tile will suit you best, you can take the help of the renovators.

  • Going with Monochrome

Dark theme is the new trend for which monochrome tiles are used. Though this theme best suits bathrooms and drawing rooms but is not a very good option for kitchens. So, if you wish to establish a dark-themed interior, it is best to talk to your tiling specialist in Perth because the dark theme is elegant but might not suit all interior areas.

  • Coloured Tiles

Yes, flat coloured tiles can sometimes look off but at present, it is a new trend and we mostly see these tiles in commercial establishments. 

These tiles can be of any colour and they can be customised according to anyone’s requirements. However, if you are customising these tiles, you might have to spend a few more dollars.

  • Modular Tiles

Trendy modular tiles are available in different shapes and patterns to make your interior look alluring. So, to make the floor of your building look elegant, Perth tilers recommend these tiles.

Another reason why these tiles have become so popular is that laying these tiles does not require extensive planning and this has become a cost-effective flooring solution.

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