Points Specialists Consider Before Commencing Surface Waterproofing

Waterproofing surfaces is very important since it helps retain the integrity of places. But before it can be done, the specialists carrying out the same will need to consider a few important points which we will discuss today. They consider these points since this helps in accomplishing the job in the best possible way. Now, if you are in Perth and want to know about what the specialists consider before they start the waterproofing procedure, this is the post that you will need to follow.
Proper Substrate Design

All waterproofing specialists in Perth will see whether substrate design is done according to the local rules. Otherwise, applying sealants or layers of waterproofing can become difficult. At the same time, the surfaces in the property will need to have the best quality materials. If these parameters are met, it will become easier for the specialists to apply waterproofing.

The Surfaces Need To Be Clean 

The next point that waterproofing contractors in Perth, WA consider is whether the surfaces where the layering will be done are fully clean. The surface needs to be free of contaminants such as dirt, dust, grease, airborne pollutants, mould, mildew etc. But if the surface has these particles, they will need to be removed first using the necessary cleaning products. Also, if the surfaces have not been cleaned, the quality of the waterproofing membrane might get compromised since dirt and dust leads to poor surface adhesion.

The Surfaces Need to Be Dry 

The third point that the Perth waterproofing contractors consider is whether the surface where the layer of waterproofing will be applied is dry. The fact is that they need to be dry.

Otherwise, the layer might not be properly installed. Specialists do moisture tests to determine whether the substrate is fully dry so that waterproofing can be applied. The specialists consider this point because if the membrane is not fully dry, bubbling or blistering might occur. So, they need to be fully protected from moisture as a whole.

Surface Priming is Required

The tilers in Perth also carrying out waterproofing need to consider whether surface priming is done properly. Otherwise, waterproofing might not properly work. 

Professionals will need to make sure that the quality of the surface meets their requirements, that is the floor has to be primed properly. But if they aren’t it can affect the adhesion of the membrane negatively.

The Surface Should Be Free of Damp

In the waterproofing services in Perth, the contractors will make sure that the surface is free of damp. Otherwise, installation of the layers becomes extremely difficult. 

There have been instances where waterproofing layers have become fully damaged due to dampness and mould as discussed already.

So, these are the points that waterproofing specialists consider before starting their job. Besides, taking into account these points gives the best results.

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