Points to Consider Before Installing Tiles on Your Building Floor

Installing tiles will help in enhancing the appeal of your building in Perth altogether. But planning the installation is also important to achieve the desired results. Though this will be done by your local floor tilers, you should consider a few things to make the tiling perfect. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the things you should keep in mind before you invest in floor tiling.

  • My Floor has Baseboards. Should I Keep Them?

If you know that the floor of your building has baseboards, ask this question to your local floor tilers in Perth because a small gap needs to be kept between the wall and the edge of the floor before you can install tiles. This allows room movement. So, depending on the floor, the tilers will need to make the necessary decision. 

If they decide to keep the baseboards, they will cover the gap with convex moulding to retain the aesthetics of the edges.

  • Considering the Foundation Problems of Your Property

If you want to install tiles in your property, better get the latter checked by a professional because structural problems can affect the tiling later on.

The foundation of your property needs to be firm. But if it starts to shift, your tiles will shift as well which can lead to cracks and repairing of which can be costly. Therefore, taking the right step is important before you invest in floor tiling.

  • Consider a Waterproof Subfloor If You Want To Install Tiles Over Wood

Before you invest in floor tiling in Perth, see whether your property is made up of wooden parts. If you indeed find that the floor is made up of wood, consider installing a waterproof subfloor because if water leaks through the tiles and reaches the wooden floor underneath, the latter can swell and lead to cracks on your tiles. However, if you have a cement board installed, you will not face this problem.

  • Painting is a Personal Option

We all know that tiles do not require paint. But if you want, you can install paint over them to give them a new look. However, you can ask the tilers for their opinion if you feel confused regarding tile painting. They can give you good suggestions regarding this point. 

  • Planning Tile Installation On the Staircase

Installing tiles on the staircase has to be planned carefully, especially when it comes to making the edges of the stairs smooth. So, if you want to install tiles on the stairs as well, discuss this topic with the company offering floor tiling services in Perth. That way, you can avoid getting undesired results later.

  • Choosing the Right Type of Tile

Since there are several types of tiles available, you will need to choose the one that is durable, yet easier to maintain. However, the cost will also vary according to the quality of the same. So, this is another point that you should consider before the installation. Anyway, discuss this point to get all information about the tile type.

By considering these points, you can rest assured that the tiling will be perfect.

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