Shower Sealing And Grout Repairs
Need Shower Sealing & Grout Repairs? We Are Your Specialists in Perth
ABC Tiling and Stone consists of a dedicated team specialising in shower sealing and re-grouting services for houses and properties all around Perth. Our industry experience in leaking shower repairs in Perth and re-grouting tiles allows us to deliver the best results to each of our clients.

For years we have been assessing, repairing and maintaining both commercial and residential bathrooms and its showers by strictly complying with the Australian Standards and with the use of innovative systems. Understanding that every bathroom and shower is different; our team provides tailored shower repairs in Perth and maintenances best-suited to the existing issue.

We Provide High Quality & Effective Shower Sealing & Waterproofing
As your trusted shower sealing specialists serving all across Perth; we deliver you best-in-quality shower sealing in Perth and waterproofing services to handle your leaky shower. We also include re-grouting as a key aspect of our service to achieve quality results for your showering area.

Our Experienced Shower Sealers and Grout Repair Specialists Will

  • Aptly take care of all rising damp issues resulting due to leaky showers and inhibit any further structural damages.
  • Remove mould on grout and along with it its potential health hazards.
  • Augment your shower’s aesthetics and resultantly extend its longevity Plus, our quality shower and grout repairs in Perth will also prevent you from spending on unnecessary full-fledged shower renovation.
  • Grout failing can always happen due to structural movements, excessive water exposure, the use of a polymer additive, ineffectively packed tile joint or even the use of grouts which have gone bad. And when the grout gets compromised, properly waterproofing and sealing your shower becomes imperative to stop water damage or other resulting concerns.
  • ABC Tiling and Stone only uses best-in-class grout additives combined with top-quality silicone to properly seal and waterproof your leaky shower. Plus we also perform Quality Grout Repairs, Slippery Surface Treatment, Tile Sealing, Damaged Tile Repairs, Epoxy Grouting, Tile Chip Repair and Even Tile/Stone Surface Sealing.

Furthermore, for your peace of mind; we provide you with 7 years service warranty for each of these services.

Mouldy Grout, Blistering Paint/Plaster, Mould & Soap Scum, Peeling/Mouldy Silicone, Cracked Tiles/Grout, Calcium Build-Up on Damp Walls or Even Leaking Showers, Fixtures or Taps.

Then it clearly indicates that your showering area needs quality sealing, waterproofing and grout repairs.

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