Signs that Say Your Balcony Needs Fresh Waterproofing

Waterproofing is one the most essential features of a property. But for proper waterproofing, the very structural integrity of properties get disturbed over time, due to seepage of water and waterborne particles in places. Thus, if you are to maintain the structural integrity of your property and ensure it does not depreciate with time, there has to be a stubborn waterproofing in place. More so, the areas of your home that are exposed to water – like the balconies, the kitchen, the bathroom and the laundry area have to have foolproof waterproofing in place. On this page, let us discuss some signs that unmistakably says that your balcony needs fresh waterproofing by reputed waterproofing contractors in Perth or wherever you are. 

Too many Loose tiles

A loose tile here and a loose tile there might not be that alarming, but too many loose tiles at your balcony floor is surely a red flag. It clearly indicates that either there is not waterproofing at all in the balcony, or the waterproofing has been inadequate and improper. Now how will you find a loose tile? A loose tile, instead of generating that sharp clanky sound upon being tapped, will generate a hollow, blunt sound. This  is a two way effect. Either the tiles were not installed property and have caused seepage of water that has spoiled the waterproofing. Or inadequate waterproofing has let water enter and interfere with the integration of the tiles. In any case, this is a ref flag and you must hire seasoned waterproofing floor tilers in Perth who will use all their expertise to put quality waterproofing in place. 

The Grouts are cracked and are falling off 

This is another telltale sign that the waterproofing of your balcony has to be redone. At times, you will find that apart from loosening of the tiles, the grouts have started to crack and peel off in chunks, further loosening the tiles and even cursing them to fall off in extreme cases. Again, you must not delay hiring a waterproofing specialist in Perth. The specialist will use state of the art tools and technology to come up with flawless waterproofing to stem the ‘rot’ and provide solidarity to the structural integrity of your balcony. 

Water stains on floor and exterior & interior balcony finishes

Sometimes, you will find that the floor and the internal and external balcony finishes are stained by water marks. This happens when the water somehow seeps inside the walls though hairline cracks due to lack of, or inadequate waterproofing, and rests inside for sometime. Once the water inside dries, it leaves such stains. You need to immediately hire quality waterproofing services in Perth or elsewhere, depending on your location, for immediate rectification of the issue. 

Swelling, cracking and peeling off of paints 

You will find paints forming blisters here and there on the wall, then cracking and ultimately peeling off, exposing the plaster. This will in most cases be accompanied by a perpetual dampness on the area of the wall around the site of the occurrence of the blisters. This again, is a clear cut sign of water seepage – i.e. indication of lack of waterproofing. Don’t delay getting in touch with quality waterproofing contractors in Perth.

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