Some Innovations that will Help You Get a Better Bathroom Tiling Effect

Tiling is an almost inseparable chapter of bathroom renovations in Perth, or anywhere else in the world! ‘Almost’ is the term we used, as you can opt for renovations without the conventional tiling, but that’s another story! Let us not include it in this write-up! 

Let us get right into the thick of the topic – the innovative ideas that will take tiling at your bathroom to an out of this world proportion. Firstly, you must hire the best tiling contractor in Perth who will be able to meet your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. What better name can you opt for than ABC Tiling and Stone? 

Think light! 

Go light, when you think of tiling your bathroom. Our experts who offer bathroom tiling services in Perth as anywhere else would suggest you opt for lighter tiles. This will not only give your bathroom a serene and subtle look and feel but will make it feel larger than what it is actually. 

Go for diagonals! 

This is a rather unconventional way of tiling your bathroom and will be apt if you have a smaller bathroom. Place the tiles diagonally, and it will give you that illusion of a larger bathroom. But there’s a catch! The experts of our tiling company in Perth would suggest you use contrast shades of tiles to create that optical illusion.

Size matters – hence opt for bigger! 

Smaller tiles will make the bathroom look more engulfing, more so if your bathroom is smallish in terms of dimension and size. Hence, our local tilers in Perth will suggest you go for the bigger tiles. It will make your bathroom look bigger and will be a more economical step to take. 

Following the rule of three

Are you planning to create a unique tiling pattern to have that gaudy look and feel? Well, this will be apt if you have a large bathroom with a sprawling, open space. But then, experts offering bathroom tiling services in Perth will suggest you stick to not more than three tiles, with identical colour and design pattern. In this way, you will be able to restrict the variety of patterns and styles. Remember, going for too many patterns will cause visual distraction, and more importantly, it will be far harder to place them in sync with each other.  

Remember, you have to Upkeep them!! 

Yes! Being too adventurous while tiling your bathroom might appear exciting, but you remember, you have to maintain them. Hence, our specialists offering tiling services in Perth would suggest, it is better to go for porcelain and ceramic tiles that need minimum maintenance.  

Don’t forget the slip factor…. 

Indeed, it is something that you should never forget while going for bathroom tiling. More so, if you have kids and elder members, our tiling specialist in Perth would tell you to opt for tiles with a matte finish so that there is a lesser chance of slip-ups and stumbles. 

Thus you see, when it comes to tiling your bathroom you need to take into account all these factors, to ensure that your bathroom looks out of this world, taking the valuation of your property by quite a few notches. 

But for that, you need to hire the best tilers in Perth, WA. What better name can you opt for than ABC Tiling and Stone? For further details, call us at 08 9375 7948