Experienced Stairway Tiling Experts to Meet Your Customised Needs

Your stairway is defined by its design, overall aesthetics and its functionality. And as tiles prove to be its most favoured flooring option, the ones you choose can also dictate the look of a room, hall and the large space leading to your staircase.

It is why you need to devote ample time in research to choose the right tile which not only suits your stairway décor but proves safe for everyday use. To help you with that, ABC Tiling and Stone – your premier stairs tiling contractor in Perth, is here to fulfil your tailored requirements at an unbeatable budget.


Serving the industry for over 4 decades, our team has performed countless stairway tiling operations for clients during our tenure. For your project, our experts will be happy to offer you with a range of stairs tiling in Perth from our trusted suppliers to complement your home decor. So regardless of whether you want wider stair steps with a seamless design or shorter stair tread floor tiles with quality design- we will meet your customised flooring requirements exactly as you want.

Being rated as among the most respected tiling specialists in the region, our stairway tiling experts in Perth will share with you trending flooring concepts. They will even compare between basic tiles, décor tiles or functional tiles to come up with a proper long-lasting solution for your gorgeous stairway

Our Suggested Stairway Tiling Solutions Will Meet All Technical & Safety Standards
Perhaps the most important factor when selecting you stairs tiling in Perth (along with other flooring options) is safety. The good news is that our tiling specialists always treat safety as their utmost priority. And keeping this in mind; they will suggest you quality tiles which come with a non-slip rating of at least R9.
  • Our suggested tiles will also feature rounded front edges and milled grooves for easier detection .
  • Some common options which they aptly recommend include (but not limited to) –Natural Stone Tiles, Tiles With Metal Profiles, and also quality Porcelain Tiles heated at high temperature to achieve impressive porosity and durability..

It’s no secret that your stairway serves a vital role in creating gorgeous focal points in your interior space. And being a homeowner you want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

If you are planning a new tile staircase installation or to re-tile your existing stairway with slip-resistant, aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting flooring options, then get free advice from our stairs tiling contractor in Perth today.