Steps of Preparing a Wall for Tiling as Followed by the Professionals

To make the walls of your property alluring, installation of the tiles is always a good solution. But, before the tiles can be installed, the installers will need to prepare the wall following different procedures and here we will take a look at how they do so. Also, if you are in Perth and want to get your tiles installed on your wall, you will get an idea of the preparation process from this discussion.

  • Removal of the Old Fittings  

The local tilers in Perth will start with the removal of the fittings on your wall. This includes the removal of screws, pins and rivets. 

The tilers will carry out the procedure attentively because if all the materials are not removed properly, fitting the tiles on the walls can become very difficult. Moreover, before the professionals can start removing the existing materials from the wall, they will inspect the area to make sure that nothing is left behind.

  • Removing the Worn Out Plaster

If the existing plaster has become weak, the professionals providing the tiling services in Perth will remove them or repair them using different types of tools. 

Though this is a time-taking process but is a necessary one because damaged plaster can be problematic for the tiles. Moreover, if the plastering is not replaced, installing the tiles on the walls become more difficult.

  • Removing the Wallpaper

If you have wallpapers already installed, the tilers will need to remove them to install the tiles. 

Though this is not much of a complicated process, the professionals will do the job with care to make sure that they are not damaging the walls. Also, to remove wallpapers carefully, they will use different types of tools depending on the wallpaper and the wall.

  • Repairing the Cracks on the Walls  

The next step that the tilers in Perth WA do is to repair the cracks on the walls. This is also an essential preparatory step because tiles never adhere well if the surfaces are damaged. 

The professionals will be using concrete or any other material to fix those cracks. Otherwise, with time, the entire wall will disintegrate and repairing it will become very difficult.

  • Surface Levelling

To install the tiles, levelling the surface is important. It allows uniform laying of tiles, and for this reason, both indoor and outdoor tiles in Perth inspect the surface and level it accordingly using different procedures. And it is only after the levelling is complete can they move to the sanding procedure.

  • Sanding Process

After the levelling of the surface is complete, the tilers will start the sanding of the walls to make it smooth. This will help the adhesives to bond and help the tiles to stay firm. Also, after sanding, the professionals will clean the surface to make it free of dirt and dust.

  • Applying Surface Primer 

The last step is to apply surface primer before the tiles can be installed. And after installing, the professionals will carry out stone sealing in Perth depending on the wall condition to make it more durable and corrosion-resistant.

So, these are the ways how the surfaces are being prepared by professionals before the installation of tiles.

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