Tiling Problems That Specialists Look For Before a Reinstallation

Before new tiles can be installed in your Perth property, tiling specialists look for certain problems so that they can install the new ones perfectly. Moreover, identifying the problems in the existing tiles gives them an overview of the mistakes that the previous tilers had made. Anyway, let us now take a look at the problems that the tilers look for that help perfect the reinstallation process.

  • Tile Placement

Before beginning the reinstallation process, floor tilers in Perth analyse the placement of each tile. If they are not placed uniformly, this means that the tilers who worked previously were not careful enough. Anyway, tiling specialists will note down the problems so that they do not make the same mistakes again. Moreover, they will look at the size of each tile to see whether this is creating unevenness.

  • Gap Between Grout Lines

This is another problem that the tilers will look for to determine whether they have been created due to ageing or if it was a mistake on part of the tilers. But no matter the cause of this problem, the specialists will ensure that they reinstall tiles properly so that there remains no space between them. In fact, for the installation process, the tilers will use high-end equipment and techniques.

  • Weak Adhesion

With time, the adhesion of tiles becomes weak. However, tiling specialists in Perth will still take a look at the condition of the adhesion to develop a foolproof plan for tile laying. They will do so because if weak adhesives were used or if they were not used properly, tiles can come off from their place easily and can even develop surface cracks due to seepage of water.

  • The Surface Has Become Rough and the Colour Has Faded

The next problem that Perth tilers will look for is whether the surface of the tiles has become rough due to ageing or non-maintenance. This will help them not only reinstall them the right way but also recommend to their clients the methods by which they can maintain the newly installed tiles. However, if the specialists detect that the tiles have become discoloured in just a few years, they will take this as a sign of low-quality product installation.

  • Mould Growth on Tile Surface

Next, the professionals carrying out tile installation will look for mould or other bacterial growth before they remove them and install new ones. They will do so because these are signs that there was a lack of maintenance.

Indeed, tiles need to be cleaned and maintained. But if this is not done, they will lose their appeal and these growths will occur on the surface. And most importantly, when and if the specialists detect this, they will guide their clients regarding how they can maintain the newly installed tiles efficiently.

  • Loose Tiles

Lastly, specialists employed in floor tiling services in Perth will look for loose tiles before installing the new ones.

Even if the existing tiles are in good condition but they are loose, it means that the installation was not done correctly. But when installing the new ones, they make sure that they are installed properly.

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