Types of Sealants Used on Surfaces by Waterproofing Contractors

In Perth, professional waterproofing contractors use various sealants to protect surfaces from water damage. Here, we will take a look at these sealants. So, if you are searching the web about waterproofing, how it’s done, or the agents that help make surfaces water-resistant, this is where your search ends, for now.

We will delve into the main topic now, which is the sealants that are used by contractors to make parts of properties resilient against water damage.

  • Sealants Made With Co-Polymer   

This is a very popular sealant that is used by most waterproofing contractors in Perth, WA. This agent is also called clear sealant since it is transparent. So, they are generally used to make non-porous surfaces water-resistant such as glass, tile, metal, etc.

This agent is mostly used on flat surfaces and can also be mixed with paints which makes it a versatile sealant.

  • Sealants Made With Silicone 

This is by far the most desired and used sealant by waterproofing contractors due to its durability and flexibility. This sealant works like a charm when it comes to water protection. This is because they are made with silicone, as is the name.

This type of sealant is mostly used in vents, sinks, windows, showers, and even roofs. These can also bear high temperatures, for which they are used in the automotive industry as well.

  • Sealants for the Floor

As you can infer from the name, this type of sealant is used by waterproofing contractors in Perth during the flooring. This agent can easily seep through cement, brick, wood, and also other porous surfaces. 

After entering, these agents form a layer that obstructs water from entering deep into the surfaces. This type of sealant is very popular because they leave a polished layer on the top which makes surfaces look attractive.

  • Polyurethane Sealants 

This is yet another type of sealant that is used at large by waterproofing contractors in industrial and commercial properties. This is a highly durable sealant that is typically applied with a caulk gun. Moreover, this type of sealant is highly used due to its strong adherence property. These agents can act as a protective layer on all surfaces such as metal, vinyl, and plastic. These sealants are anti-corrosive as well and can thus protect materials. 

  • Bituminous Sealants  

The next type of sealant that is used in professional waterproofing services in Perth is the bituminous sealant. These agents can bear extreme temperatures and pressure and are thus used at large in industrial areas. However, these sealants work best on concrete areas. 

Some of the places where this type of sealant is largely used include roofs, airport runaways, etc. In fact, due to their durability, these sealants are used in commercial places by contractors as well.

  • Hybrid Sealants  

Apart from the mentioned sealants, new-age materials are now arriving at the market. These are sometimes called hybrid sealants. But they have other names too.

These sealants combine a few technologies to keep water from entering deep inside the surfaces.

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