What Are the Advantages of Granite Floor Tiling?

Granite is the most popular choice of tiles amongst the homeowners who are in pursuit of an aesthetic solution for their flooring. Though engineering stones or laminated materials have of late gained huge popularity, granite is still the favourite option for the floor tilers in Perth like anywhere else. There are still a sizable proportion of people, who would opt for granite tiles to add that curb appeal to the interiors of their property, matching their aesthetic preferences. 

To be frank, granite tiles come with a bagful of advantages, which make them so much adored. 

Granite Tiles last lifetime

Longevity is one of the main reasons, while these granite tiles are always the first choice of the local floor tilers in Perth. Homeowners are attracted by the durability of the granite tiles before anything else. They are not affected by a heavy amount of footfall and since granite does not very easily suffer wear and tear and are extremely durable, they do not need high maintenance either. All the homeowners need to do is to use the best granite sealer and cleaner for whatever superficial maintenance is needed. With a little care, these tiles can last long. 

There are many shades and patterns to Select From 

When things come down to choosing tiles for floors, the experienced experts who are into offering floor tiling in Perth would suggest going for granite tiles, as these tiles feature a wide variety of shades and patterns to choose from. The most amazing part of these tiles is that none of these shades and patterns are artificially created. All of them are acts of nature, formed autonomously over a period of millions of years. If you are looking for dark coloured granite with solid patterns or you are in for light tiles with files veins, granite is the choice to opt for. 

Granite Tiles are resistant to staining

High resistance quotient to staining is one good reason why people favour granite tiles above every other option. Granite is one of the hardest rocks and is more difficult to stain than some of the other tiling options. As long as these granite tiles are property sealed, spills on the granite tiles can be easily wiped away and the sealed tiles will not be affected internally. 

These tiles are Hypoallergenic 

You can easily let your kids play on floors that are granite tiled, without having to worry about any health issues like allergic reactions. Since granite is not porous like some other tiling options, it does not retain any moisture or liquid, which can attract bacteria and other pathogens to settle and multiply. Thus, safety is another huge advantage of granite tiles and that is one of the reasons, reputed companies offering floor tiling services in Perth would recommend granite. 

They are Excellent Value Multipliers 

If you are looking forward to adding more value along with aesthetic look and feel  to your property, granite is an excellent tiling choice. They go a long way to add more value to your property and hence, if you have plans to sell your property off, having granite flooring done by the best floor tilers in Perth or wherever you are, will help immensely. 

Thus, regardless of your future plans with your home, hire ABC Tiling and Stone of granite tiling, as we are the best in that. Call us now, for an appointment.