What the Residential Wall and Floor Tilers Would Suggest For Selecting Home Tiles?

When it comes to tiling walls and floors at homes, the residential tilers would suggest taking into consideration a few points to ensure the solutions they come up with are the best in the industry, meeting the custom needs of the clients to the fullest. Take for instance, ABC Tiling and Stone. While providing tiling solutions to the clients, they would consider the following qualities of the tiles. 

Slip Resistance

Understandably, this is the parameter that our experts will suggest to consider, while looking for floor tiles. The parameter that they suggest looking for is Coefficient of Friction (COF). The  higher this COF is, the more slip resistant the tiles are. Thus, our experts offering residential tiling services in Perth will prefer looking for tiles that come with higher COF. 

Surface Abrasion Resistance Rate

This is another very important characteristic of the tiles that the residential wall and floor tilers in Perth would prefer. This particular characteristic is about the resistance of the tiles’ glaze to the wear, caused by unintentional or international movement of the surfaces or substances in contact with the tiles. For instance, porcelain tiles are more abrasion resistant and come up with higher durability. Thus, they would always prefer going for tiles with higher abrasion resistance. 

Capacity of Water Absorption

This is another very important property that the residential wall and floor tiling professionals in Perth would prefer taking into consideration while selecting residential tiles. As per our experts, tiles that come with lower absorption capacity will always have a higher mechanical strength. Thus, the tiles that are baked in fire are better options to choose according to our Perth tilers, as the high temperature will make them less porous and less absorbent of water. 

Mechanical Strength

Mechanical strength or MOR is another extremely important indication of compactness of the tiles. Thus, our experienced tilers in Perth would always emphasise on tiles that come with greater MOR, as more is the MOR, the denser is the body and more is its integrity. Thus, these tiles are more durable than the other varieties. 

Better Stain Resistant

Our experts would always suggest opting for tiles with better strain resistance. The reason is understandable – the tiles that come with higher stain resistance do not turn shabby very easily. They take ages to turn so, and hence, demand very less maintenance. Also, it is generally seen that the tiles that come with more stain resistance can easily be cleaned, thus minimising the cost of maintenance. 

Shade and tonality 

This is another notable characteristic of tiles that our tilers in Perth will prefer going  for, while opting for tiles for residences, is their shade and tonality. For instance, the ceramic tiles and tiles that are produced through the firing process. These are the inherent characteristics of the tiles, which our tiling experts will always suggest putting stakes on. They make the surfaces trendy and aesthetically rich, besides making them long lasting and easier to maintain. 

Thus, call us to know about  your needs and preferences and for suggestions from our end for tiling. Or write to us  to get a free quote.