Waterproofing And Caulking

Customised Waterproofing and Caulking Service in Perth

At ABC Tiling and Stone, we offer exceptional accredited waterproofing and caulking service in Perth that makes us a one-stop solution when it comes to meeting your caulking needs for features like windows and doors, glazing, skirting and cladding.

Along with caulking we also come up with residential waterproofing in Perth for kitchens and bathrooms, and areas of your home close to them. We also offer caulking bathtubs and tiles of your bathroom, the mirrors, benchtops at your kitchen and bathroom, sinks and basins, stalls, and trim and moulding. We also provide waterproofing and caulking services in Perth for swimming pool joints.

Other Areas of our Caulking Service

Our impeccable caulking specialist in Perth will come in handy to fill up the cracks and gaps on the walls and plug in the leaky areas where two different types of materials converge (for instance, where the exterior walls converge with the door or window frame.

Again, if you notice black dots in the bathroom or kitchen caulk, this can very well be an instance of mould and mildew that can affect the waterproofing, if not taken care of. Get in touch with ABC Tiling and Stone, and our caulking contractors in Perth will provide you with safe, longer-lasting, and trustworthy results.

Our accredited waterproofing and caulking service includes
  • Sealing construction and expansion joints
  • Sealing and waterproofing in Perth for joints of precast panels
  • Sealing the joints and penetration in acoustic partitions
  • Walls of kitchen and bathroom and concrete floors

For further details about what can our waterproofing contractors in Perth We can do, CONTACT US today!!!